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Maggie Horn


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Everything starts with you: your vision, your desires and your dreams. Whether it be Hypnosis, HypnoBirthing®, Breastfeeding or Sleep Talk, I am here to work with you to find the right strategies that will get you to where you want to go.

I believe that your inner power and strength is available to you at all times. With the knowledge and experience I have gained from training, continuing education and working with a number of clients and families,  I am able to apply that knowledge in guiding you to reach your goals.

Committed To Helping You Achieve Your Goals​

How can I best serve you?

Follow your intuition and birth the way nature intended. The HypnoBirthing® class series consists of five sessions designed to guide you in acquiring knowledge and applying what you learn to achieve your goal of calm, gentle birthing.

Virtual Gastric Band

This is NOT a Diet! Hypnosis is the process that helps you feel satisfied on much smaller amounts of food. You don’t have to deprive yourself of anything and you will gain the freedom from thinking about food all the time.


Hypnosis is a very natural process where your mind is more receptive to taking in positive suggestions and releasing negative feelings. As opposed to a loss of control, hypnosis helps you to take control of those areas of your life that you want more control over.

Sleep Talk®

Ensure your child grows up feeling deeply loved, secure, confident and growing up with all the right beliefs to live an empowered life. Sleep Talk® is a safe non-invasive 2 minute process that the parent conducts with your child at home after your child has gone to sleep.

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As a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, let me help you get the best results with doTERRA products for you and your family in enhancing your physical and emotional health.

Reviews from happy Clients

Creating a relaxing and supportive experience!
Alex R.S. , Miami, FL

“No better way to birth than by using Hypnobirthing and hearing Maggie’s calming voice. I had a beautiful experience thanks to Hypnobirthing and having Maggie as my doula.”

Ashton M., Cape Town, South Africa

“Maggie’s brilliant breastfeeding class definitely helped to put my mind at ease. I genuinely learnt so much from the class and it helped bring a little bit of peace to me – and basically reassured me that everything is going to be just fine! Thank you once again! If you ever get the chance to attend one of Maggie’s classes, make sure you go as you will have the BEST time”

Stacy N., Cape Town, South Africa

“I think I speak on all the ladies behalfs in saying that as first time mums this was just the most helpful discussion and really put our minds at ease, not only with breastfeeding but many other topics that came up.  If you get a chance to meet up with Maggie at any stage before or even after birth I would highly recommend it!”

Christian M., Flowery Branch, GA

“After two hypnosis sessions with Maggie, Christian said that everything is fine. I am more committed, I have more confidence, better social skills and have become more extroverted. My self-worth has improved as have my relationships. I am going to the gym regularly and my energy level is good. I am excited about learning self-hypnosis today.”

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